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IWM LongLife Blast Wheel® Wheel Blast Units

IWM Strahltechnik: Competitive Advantage Through Innovation

No matter if it comes to descaling, roughening or peening of surfaces, the main focus of any shot blasting process is always on the uniform quality of the blast pattern. This is our promise to you: IWM specialty parts are designed to offer optimum protection and performance for your blast system, securing efficiency, intensity and blast pattern for a long period of time. To prevent production losses, sophisticated ultrasonic sensor systems are used for the early detection of errors caused by wear limits, imbalances and bearing failures.
The different materials are continually subjected to stringent laboratory and usage tests and controls. Even after many years of intensive use, IWM Wheel Blast Units continue to retain their optimum quality. The use of IWM products does not only offer the potential for savings on replacement parts, it also provides for a long-term preservation of your high-quality production processes.

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Key Features At A Glance

  • Vibration-free and silent operation:
    dynamically precision-balanced blast wheel
  • Blades (sintered metal coating increasing linearly) with non-wearing retainer.
  • Metering sleeve and control cage made from sintered metal
  • Interchangeable liners coated with sintered metal, joints and seams additionally coated with a sintered metal labyrinth
  • Feed spout with sintered metal safety screen
  • Imbalance sensor guarantees optimum production control
  • Direct coupling of blast wheel and drive motor
  • Interchangeable sealing flange, tempered, between wheel housing and drive motor
  • Motor flange interchangeable to fit the drive motor
  • Wheel housing tailor-made from high tensile structural steel

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