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IWM Wear Protection Technology | Facts And Figures

Beware Of The Money Pit:

Loss from downtime and wear

Frequent downtimes or service interventions on your blast wheel system are a costly burden to your production process. The increasing wear of wheel blades creates fissures in the blade surface which have a severe impact on the blast pattern and this in turn causes a growing wear of blast wheel protectors and blast cabinet linings. There is plenty of statistical evidence that the loss of efficiency due to wear exceeds 20% and that the fall of intensity can be as high as 30%! This results in a negative impact on your production processes, machine downtime and an increased maintenance effort. But it does not have to be like that!

Put An End To Wear And Tear:

IWM helps you gain a leading edge over your competitors!

With the use of any of IWM's high-performance blast units wear is no longer a matter of concern for you. Made from IWM specialty materials, our wheels, blades and protective wear linings are designed to guarantee a long service life and to ensure the highest level of quality, safety and reliability at all times, even when used with angular grit with a hardness of 55-64 HRC. Further benefits: all screw connections are designed so as to avoid contact with the blast media, and all wear parts can be replaced quickly and without the need to disassemble the drive motor.

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IWM LongLife Blast Wheel®  For All Types Of Blast Systems

Solutions For All Standard Blast Systems

IWM blast unit type
 200/45 360/60
 Blast wheel Ø  200  280-360  360 - 420  420 - 440
 Motor rating, kW  2,2-3  5,5-15  15-37  45-75
 Media throughput, kg/min.  35-48  90-240  240-590  720-1.200
 Revolutions/min.  4.800  2.950  2.950  2.950
 Voltage, V/Hz  400 / 80 400 / 50  400 / 50  400 / 50
 Projection speed, m/sek.  50-72  72-82  82-92  92-98
 No. of blades  6  6  8  8
 Blade width, mm  45  60  70  90
 Weight, kg  6  6  8  8
 IWM-wear lining  yes  yes yes yes

Detailed Costing On Request
On average, an IWM wheel blast unit allows you to reach the break-even point in less than 4,000 hours of operation, and after 6,000 hours of operation, cost savings exceed 7,500 Euros***. But more than that, the use of any of IWM's specialty wear parts allows to achieve tremendous cost savings. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a cost analysis tailored to your business or to receive a test unit for a three months trial.

Empirical Service Life Data

Increased Service Life, Greater Economic Efficiency

IWM blast unit Type  360/60
 Blades*  Radial lining* Axial lining*  Metering sleeve* Control cage*
 Blast wheel with hub*
Comparison of service life**
Chilled iron grit, angular
HRC 56-64
0,6-1,0 mm
6.000  12.000  15.000  12.000  12.000  10.000  approx. 50-fold
Steel grit, angular
HRC 56-64
0,6-1,0 mm
8.000 18.000  18.000  15.000  15.000  12.000  approx. 27-fold
Cut wire shot
HV 640
0,6 mm
12.000  30.000  30.000  25.000   25.000   25.000  approx. 21-fold
Steel shot, spherical 
HRC 44-50
0,8-1,2 mm
10.000  25.000 25.000 20.000  20.000  20.000  approx. 14-fold


* All values in hours. Errors and omissions excepted.
** Comparison of service life: IWM specialty wear parts and standard wear parts
*** Empirical values. Errors and omissions excepted.

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