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IWM High-Performance Blast Wheel Replacement Parts

Unrivalled In Its Cost Effectiveness: The IWM Blast Wheel

IWM LongLife Blast Wheel®: outstanding service life exceeding 25,000 hours of operation! Test it out yourself: IWM products help dramatically reduce machine downtimes and improve productivity and performance of your blast system. Moreover, expenses relating to service, support and spare parts drop noticeably, blast media consumption is kept to a minimum, and the highest level of quality of your products is secured at all times.

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  • Minimum TCO (Total Cost of Ownership),
  • cost reduction of up to 70%
  • Service life: 8,000 – 30,000 hours of operation
  • Return on investment: less than 2 years
  • Ecological value: up to 50 times longer service lives
  • Resource savings of up to 70%
  • Energy savings of approx. 25%
  • Decrease in blast media consumption of approx. 10–15%
  • Extended service intervals:
  • approx. every 4,000 hours of operation

IWM Helps You Improve Your Efficiency!

Considering all costs over a total life cycle (total cost of ownership), your company will incontrovertibly capitalise on the benefits of the wide range of high-performance wheel blast units and blast system wear parts developed by IWM. Made from highly wear-resistant materials, IWM wheel blast units allow you to amortise the investment in less than two years, first and foremost due to an extended service life and cost reductions of up to 70%. Our formula for success: more efficiency, less wear.

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