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Dust Collector Systems

Application Of Dust Collector Systems


Blast systems are typically equipped with dust collectors to separate reusable blast media from dust and fines.
The key benefits of this separation are:

  • Continuous dust extraction from the blast system to ensure a longer service life of vital components such as blast wheels, control cages and many other parts.
  • Low operating costs due to efficient recovery of valuable and reusable materials such as
    -moulding sand, etc.

Highly pure exhaust air guarantees maximum environmental friendliness, minimum emissions and full regulatory and legal compliance.

 Filter Air Volume
per h
 Valves Compressed air
 FAC 4/3 N  3000  4  2  4/6  4 KW
  FAC 6/5 N  5000  6  3  5/8  5,5 KW
  FAC 9/7,5 N  7500  9  5  7/10 7,5 KW
  FAC 12/10 N  10000  12  6  10/16 11 KW
  FAC 18/15 N  15000 18  9 14/20 15 KW
  FAC 24/20 N  20000  24  12  21/31 18,5 KW
  FAC 30/25 N  25000  30  15  24/36 22 KW
  FAC 36/30 N  30000  36  18  33/50 30 KW

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